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Part 1

Human mind never grows up, it always stays childish no matter how old are you, it always back to its original state; Childish. If it wants anything, it demands immediately rather than waiting because it is inherited into it when it was made, it’s something which always passes through generation to generation. You might have tried your best to pacify it but nothing works because it’s like a recorder, once it gets to hold onto a reel then it keeps on playing it no matter how hard you try to change the cassette it will always play its own tune. The only way to tame mind is to be aware of its very nature. You might wonder why do we have to be conscious about minds such features, because if you want to live  comfortable and stress less life, you got to be known to its every trick and how does it operate, if you don’t then you would enslave yourself to a tinny recorder which uses you to dominate over you.

The art of controlling mind can’t be learnt in a single day, it takes patience to be master of it. For learning the process of dominating over mind, we can look at an example of a newly born baby, when he needs anything, he simply starts crying, if he needs to eat, he cries, if he needs to pee, he cries; for his every need he cries because his mind orders or we can say, give him pain so a child starts crying, but with passage of time, he learns to control it, when he becomes an adult if his body is hungry then his minds sends signal to him to eat something, he has the power to hold mind for a period of time, now he does not cry because he has made himself aware of his minds tricks, if any adult cannot control his appetite what he is called a Childish mind, this is what I am talking about control comes with time and patience.

Out of many reasons, the emotions of haste get triggered by comparing themselves with others. For an example, when people set their goals and want to achieve them, they often get themselves confused with others by comparing their life, experience, abilities and so on, they are often found saying, ” I am better than him, how can he get success and I can’t”. However, they forget to compare the very ingredient of success; Positive thinking.

The reason why does it work so?

First of all, we must understand, we all are two not one, two in the sense is Body and Spirit, the body’s master is Mind, and Spirit has power over Body and Mind but the question is until we let Spirit takes over nothing can happen, our mind keeps on treating us like a slave and we can not do anything. You might wonder how it would be done. Will tell you later but first let us examine the reason behind mind’s such work.

It was created for autonomous purpose means once it is taught to do something then it keeps on repeating the process, when we teach our mind what is the meaning of one thing, we can easily see it never asks for another explanation, because it is submitted to Spirit, whatever spirit says, it has to do. So, we get to be thinking like a Spirit, for that we have to understand and accept we are not fleshy beings, we are Spiritual Beings, who are experiencing human body or earning human experience.

Why is so much Hurry?

I do not really understand why people are in so much rush.

What are they going to miss?

I think they just want the thing to be done that’s all because the thought of pending work is tormenting them day and night, they want it to be over so that they may start getting bothered about something else.

As per the wisdom of Masters of Universe, if something is really meant for you none can hinder that, if it isn’t anyone can’t draw it to you.

I think when people keep on thinking about something which they are waiting for, they start missing the beautiful things which are forming and dying around them daily. Moreover, it also starts robbing their smile, happiness, family, relationships and very qualities of enjoying life.

I advise you all who are longing for something to happen, it is not a crime to dream, its also not a sin to do your best for your dreams, but it is not wise choice to ignore present for your future.

To be continued….



Chasing an Invisible Ghost


The Prince of air has taken the place of God at earthly vessels through he is creating havoc at heavenly places. People have been fed a false interpretation about this invisible battle which has been going on since the beginning of time (was/is/will be). As story or tale or myth or if I say, as per the religious preachers, this fight usually occurs between good and evil (angels & demons) and good ones always win.

Before discussing the reality of this fight, first we have to find the source from where this whole story began when we dig in history, we only find written manuscripts in different languages and before that, there were oral stories, which were penned down by wise ones. So, we have a choice here whether to give up the search for understanding this whole thing or we have to change our perceptions to observe them.

I believe old civilisations were well aware of the fact that there are two forces. If we ponder for a minute about the word ‘Force’, we can clearly see/understand this word ‘Force’ can be rendered as a push or strength. What if, old wise men discovered the real battleground is ‘Human Mind’ rather than this seen world. Those who did good works mean to make no harm to anyone are considered angels and those who committed evil they were called demons.

I think some wise men must have given some thoughts about the level of understanding of the generation of their times or had some divine inspiration to invent a way to make people understand about the way to teach them about these FORCES.

With divine inspiration, they made up a story of ‘Good and Evil’ forces and started feeding people with childish understanding as they could not comprehend the real meaning of the story. But now, we all have the capacity to swallow impossible and unbelievable facts. We can see how these forces work, how much advance those old wise men who discovered the secrets of this universe and taught to people via stories so that one day when people would be awakened, they could understand and start living in peace rather than in misery.

I think for understanding the above-discussed facts ‘Star Wars’ would be the perfect example of Force, as this ‘Star Wars’ story says, An Invisible energy/force governs the whole universe and cause things to happen. There are good and bad forces, these two always strive to overcome each other but there will be a person, a Jedi who can bring balance to these forces. If we call this Jedi a fully grown mind, which can make balance in this continue battle then it would be very much easy for all of us to understand this battle or fight in its real form rather than allegorically. 

What if this is true?

What if we were fed ‘The True Knowledge’ via a story? Such as the Return of Christ.

Out of many misunderstandings, the return of Christ is vastly accepted as literal Return rather spiritual, they all have their facts to prove it. But in actual, Christ returned on Pentecost Day, when men and women who were gathered under one roof and filled with Holy Ghost/Christ and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.  The two men in white apparel said this same Jesus (Spirit) would come back. He certainly came back as He promised in Joh:14:18 ( I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you). He returned but people still waiting for Him to come, but He is waiting for them to recognise His return and accept it. However, the majority of people translated it as these two men who were seen after the ascension of Jesus as they were saying Jesus would return with flesh and bones instead of Spirit. But if we do some more insights about it, we can easily understand that everyone believes God lives in each person if so then for whom they are waiting?

But the ignorance or darkness or foolishness is so vast that people don’t bother to look for Truth. They keep on following the same lie which was told to them by their ancestors or society or forefathers, without asking any questions why they have been doing it.

The modern individuals have become so much ignorance that they have been keeping themselves slaves for so long, that they don’t even remember for how long they have been living in this invisible prison of thoughts.

The basic problem of humanity is, not to dare to do what they really want because of hurting others. As a wife, who does not love her husband instead of leaving him, she keeps on sticking with her because she thinks, it would break his heart. Out of many vows that were taken by her at her wedding, she also made a promise, to tell the truth to him, but now what really she is doing, is not right. She has created a Phantom/ a non-exist spirit or personality which she is trying to please, she is doing her best to make things run smoothly, but in actual, she is living in suffering and also by thinking so in her mind, she is making her husband feeling the same as Wife and Husband are one, not separated, they are union of two minds which actually is one now.  She is trying to please her own made Phantom. This is what majority of humans are doing. They are holding grudges against one another. They show off different personality in front of others rather than who really they are.

The world has become a ‘Graveyard’ with these Phantoms, who are living inside the fleshy cocoon where God suppose to dwell instead a human-made false image residing into it. Which is just a bundle of thin air when reality will hit it, this sphere won’t be able to survive.

So, come out of your own made world and start living.

You suppose to make this world a better place rather you have made it a cave without light.

You suppose to resurrect dead people instead you are acting like one of them.

You suppose to spread hope instead you are hopeless.

You suppose to spread love instead you are the centre of hate, envy etc.


Reasons Behind Suffering


The flesh got conscious when  “quickening spirit” or a particle of conscious poured into it, without this quickening, flesh is just a bundle of skin, which is nothing except dirt. But it has known its vulnerability, therefore it never let the heart rule over the body, it wants only brain/carnal mind/ childish mind/worldly mindset control over the whole body.

In the beginning, it was not so, therefore old civilizations were so advanced in spirituality because their body ruled by the spirit or a particle of great conscious which directly link with Creator but as time passed by, the flesh started realizing its limitations so it started passing its conscious through body as spirit does, it started imitating functioning style, it has succeeded in doing so but it can not replace the very electricity or charge or Breath of Life that has been keeping it alive, although it has tried its best to create something with similar functionality, therefore, we have a story of Frankenstein a person with no Soul who was created from the dead pieces of buried people.

Nowadays, Carnality (worldly or non-spiritual) has spread as much that people don’t even believe they have a spirit inside their cocoon which is keeping them alive, moreover, they also deny that they are Spiritual beings instead they have accepted that they are Fleshy beings and belong here. Now you can imagine, how vast the lie has spread and changed the perception of people. But there are still some awaken people who can look beyond this lie, the veil of flesh and are realising the TRUTH and offering help to others so that those who are living in darkness can see the light and come out of hell and start living in Heaven.

When people start realising their real identity, they often begin it by imitating others or copy others ways but never try to look for their own paths. When they are asked, why do they do it? the majority of folks reply, others are doing so they follow them or they all reply, in the same way, how would they suppose to know their way? I must tell you, that’s the beauty of Spirituality, it has no way, there is no way, the courses are for flesh/carnal but for Spirituality there is no way, if there would be, flesh would have found it and started imitating it, this is the only thing which has been keeping the flesh away from being Spirit because it does not understand, how does it happen?, it’s beyond the qualification of flesh or we may say, beyond its limits or power of comprehension.

If you are seeking comfort and joy, just free from each kind of weight such as hate, envy, pride, knowledge etc, these all things are of flesh, these are understood by Sense although Spirit has no sense yet it understands everything, your tiny mind might raise the question, how does it possible, It just does, you have to believe it.

The first step toward spirituality is to deny that you know something when you go on the pathless path, you must deny you don’t know anything, just listen don’t say anything. If you say, means you think, you figure it out or trying to do so but if you have known something then you must be calm instead that knowledge robbed you and left you to suffer. So, now you must accept, you don’t know anything, knowing nothing helps a person to have strong faith than those who think they know.  

When an individual starts accepting things rather than questioning, he starts realising, the simplicity of Spirituality, and imposed complex ways of the flesh. For example, in flesh ways, there is no solid reason given to forgive your enemy and pray for him, it just seems nonsense to people, but in a spiritual way, there is an answer which is to forgive others or pray for others is doing for yourself. As in the beginning of this post I wrote, A particle of Great conscious means there are other particles, we are scattered into pieces in this world when we join together we become strong and achieve the unlimited.

War always begins with the desires of the flesh, Spirit never ignites a war, it always starts with greed or envy, which are the characteristics of flesh not of Spirit. So, for those who are seeking ways to be free, you must accept, you don’t know anything, deny yourself and follow Christ  ( a great Spirit/A new Mindset/Holy Ghost).

Ph’p:2:5: Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus

True Identity of Struggle in Modern Life

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Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find someone struggling in their lives because materialism has stolen the feeling of happiness from the heart of human being and replaced it with the perishable things. Undoubtedly, it seems right or normal when we look at these battles of the different individuals but somewhere we seek the answer:

Why is someone so much crazy about something?

Why cannot they accept the reality that they must move on instead of ruining everything for just a thing, that is not happening now?

Stubborn nature of flesh never let carnal mind( human mind/normal mind/thinking) to hand over the matter to SPIRIT MIND( Reality Mind/God mind/Holy Ghost). Those who are going through hard times or are not happy because they can not achieve what really they want and seeking the reason behind not happening the things as they desire, must accept the reality and move on. I know, it’s the hardest thing to do but sometimes, it’s better to live life than living in mourning of one or more unsuccessful attempts. Those who have been living in sorrow just because of nothing working out must not ignore reality, for such people Jesus rightly said,

Lu:12:25: And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?

Lu:12:26: If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?

First of all you must understand YOU (man with flesh mind) can not control anything, but if you have right mind SPIRIT MIND you can create the things, yes you read it rightly, CREATE THE THINGS, its reality, those who choose to be happy brings more happiness in their lives, those whose prayers are answered they do it with SPIRIT MIND.

One way to understand SPIRIT MIND is this.

M’r:11:24: Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

If you want something, Pray and believe you got it and you shall have it. During this process, your carnal mind/normal reasoning mind would say to you, oh its lie, how can it happened?, you are educated being, you must be rational? You should not follow what is written in other religious book or if this is so easy why can not everyone do it? I must say, don’t listen to these thoughts just focus on what you prayed and you will have it.

Words about Struggling why does it happen?

For mediocre, Life is a struggle and it must be taken as a struggle but truth is, it is not a struggle it’s a way to experience the ecstasy and gain the feeling of being with most high ( GOD) and live without fear and hate. Many would argue it’s not so, it can not be, my religion, pastor, guru, parents, society have been teaching life is struggle, end of discussion, such types of thoughts are the ones which caused a beginning of struggle in your life because you have been fighting an unknown ( thoughts or creeds) thoughts of someone or ideas about life of someone and try to cope with it but it is different for everyone as they are born with uniqueness, no two people face are same neither their finger print, how can their struggle be the same but society impose this idea that it is.

Struggle/Battle/War happens because of the clashing of TRUTH and LIE, REALITY and IMAGINATION, ANGELS AND DEMONS, GOD AND DEVIL, I could go on by writing many more names that are given to this wrestling. But in actual, it’s clashing of thoughts.

Two minds are clashing for taking over the Body for coming into this visible/seen world.

Carnal Mind:

Basic mind, which takes care of all necessary things for surviving like eating, breathing etc basically its key role is to make the flesh survive as long as it can, it stops the body from doing anything which leads to death or end of the body. ( John 6:63) Flesh only does the things which profit it like eating different variety food, wearing new clothes so that It could look good etc. It always neglects the things which are of Spirit, it has become so powerful now that it has taken-over the spirit signals of Heart and have taught the society to follow Mind rather Heart.  The main characteristics of this mindset are pretence /show off, hate, jealousy, envy, anger etc. When do you feel any of it then understand you are under the supervision of CARNAL MIND.

Spirit Mind:

This mind or pattern of thoughts is of positivity, it helps you to be happy and forgive people even it leads you to accept the reality and go on because if something really meant for you eventually it would find its way to you. Its characteristics are Love, Happiness, Patience, Honesty etc. 

To put this struggle in simple words, We all know that we have Spirit which is caged in this flesh, so flesh want to keep spirit in the cage forever but spirit seeks to free so they struggle and convince the being to do its will like loving those who hate is the quality of SPIRIT but hating someone is the quality of Flesh. So the real struggle is not about the material or anything else, it’s about taking over your body control by convincing you to follow the commandments now it totally depends upon you who to follow SPIRIT MIND or FLESH MIND.

Conversation with an individual about outfit

Couple of days ago, I received a call from someone, this person was so much confused and asked me a very tricky question about the way of dressing of woman. I asked this person why he was asking this person, then he said, he is interest to know. so I said, lets first talk about man’s clothing, he said okay.
I started saying that everyone looks outside and ponder inside. so we all are affected by the outside world but its wrong, it must be inside out not outside in. He said please elaborate. So I continue speaking. I said, if we talk about the way of dressing of man, mostly male have different hairstyle, different cloths etc, but when women look at them, don’t they want those males who are more attractive. They want because its human desire. thats why girls follow male actors or hero. The same happens with woman or female who wear fashionable dress. etc. Then males look at them and start thinking to want them.
The problem is not the cloths or makes or hairstyles, the problem is mind which tricks people. Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden but they did not think wrong because they were clothes in their minds then a third person ( different prospective) came and they started looking at each other with different way. People are naturally clothed but the problem is that in mind they are not. so they put on more cloths to hide their nakedness. When we read the message said to the Angel of the Church of Laudician, It says.
I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
Re:3:16: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Re:3:17: Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.
They are Naked ( in their Mind) not physically. So start mending the thoughts rather than flesh ways, What if woman or man start wearing burkhas would not still there be desire, there is always a desire but just need to overcome that by CHRIST.
Be blessed.

Resolution: a priority based things


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We have entered into a new year and many have their resolutions for this year, some people are very much serious about their new promises that they dare to make with themselves and keep in this year. On the contrary, there are ample of folks whose feelings are like soda water pressure, it comes very fast but then disappears immediately.
While searching for something on internet, my attention was caught by a wallpaper which stated ” Beginning is always hardest”. This quote occupied most of my attention, I could not concentrate on my work, as it was like Universe telling me to share something from my fountain with you all as you all do the same with me. So, this must be a sweet water rather than bitter.
We all have our own battles, weaknesses, strengths, dreams, ambitions, needs, wants and ways to work with them. But have you ever tried something which can break your comfort zone and rapture you from your current state and place you somewhere better, where you never imagined to be. I must tell you it is the time for leaving comfort zone and make a new path, choose a new journey and achieve something which you have been longing since your maturity.
Make a resolution and priorities it immediately, plan to achieve it in this year. Remember your own made ideas will pop up and scare you that you would fail as you always do but face this thought and yell at it, I am winner but was sleeping now I am awake and gonna do it because The greatest force of the universe is in me. Whenever any thought try to rob your positivity or strength stand firm and shout I am winner just getting ready to achieve what is meant for me.
I hope this short note will help you to lift up your spirit.
Be blessed

Good & Evil: Battle Continue

Good and Evil.jpg

Since the eating of the fruit of good and evil, humans have been struggling to make a balance between the both (good & evil). Some invented their own ways through worshipping their fear, some tried to face  and kill it but none is working because it’s something which cannot be fixed by the same mind that created it. (as stated by Albert Einstein).

What if I tell you, this story that we are fed by religion, invented to make children easily understand what happened in beginning!

What if I tell you there never was any serpent in the garden what used as a metaphor to help the babies to comprehend the happening!

Now you blood start boiling and your heart started beating faster than a minute ago because you heard something which is not as per your church doctrine or prophet’s doctrine.

Please keep on watching, I don’t have a single intention to degrade anyone or anyone’s teaching, keep on reading till the end and decide by yourself.

God is Spirit (spirit does not have any bone & flesh: Luke 24:39 KJV). When God created Adam and Eve. Did He created the fleshy Adam & Eve or He created THEM as Spirit.

If God is Spirit then He created Adam and Eve in His image, which is Spirit it means God is both Male and female at the same time (as the spirit does not have any gender). So, He created One spirit which is both Male and Female and this spirit is the image of God.

Now, God wanted to continue the process So he found a simple way through the education and maturity be taught to Generation of God. As we all are called Children of God so if our father is God then we are then (Psalm 82, John 10:34).

So, He put this Image of Himself into a dusty body for. When this image was put into the then the darkness was formed because the Spirit never saw darkness before and as it got company of Darkness then it started scares Him, the other side effect was on dust, it turned into something else, from dust to Flesh, metaphorically we can see, if we can take sand and mix water into it then it got wet which is used to build the houses in old times but now that same process got one more element added that’s heat now after it encounters with heat its colour is changed and it turned into something else, it no longer be a dust but something else that same happened with Dusty body, when the heat of Spirit got into it then it turned into a fleshy body.

Then after having known to all senses the Spirit started feeling lonely because none was there to understand Him. So, God directed the animals toward Adam and he called them by the titles and it became their name. So, God took a great decision He did split the identity into two as Adam and Eve who were the one but split into two. Now, Adam found Eve because he knew how she was created, as When God made Adam sleep (he took out the spirit from a body and then split spirit into two also the body of was created, then the split parts were made entered into the two different bodies).

When the two different bodies saw each other they realize, they were similar though they could not see the spirit inside of each of them because something was hindering their sight, it was the veil of flesh but they knew, there was something that was attracting them toward each other.

So, one day, their struggle of what to listen and what not to listen began.

The flesh which got the sense that when the spirit was in the body then it felt alive but when spirit was out of body then it was dead (as it was happened when Adam was made to sleep for taking the Eve out). So, the flesh started speaking so the Spirit.

Now the real tree of Good and Evil was the body of Flesh which as the
fruit of good (separate) and Evil(Separate).

Good things are said by Spirit. Evil things are said by Flesh.

As Paul said, to be Carnally minded is death but to be spiritually Minded
is Life and Peace.

So, one day, the flesh found a way to beguild the eve, it started feeding the Eve to attract Adam to eat the fruit of flesh (paying heed to the thoughts or needs of Flesh).

Eve did and shared her experience with Adam and they both started doing so and one day Eve got pregnant and God said, I told you not to eat from the flesh but Eve said, the serpent said (the flesh spoke to her), then God said to Flesh, you did it, now the whole days of your life (as much time as you accompany the Spirit), you will go through your belly, now every flesh got appetite, which cannot be ignored it is so much powerful that it can take away the sexual desire also, it was a curse to avoid the sexual desire.

Now the Eve got the curse and Adam also. As you know the rest of the story. it goes.

The 2000 year ago, when Paul was given this revelation, under the guidance of Spirit, he wrote.

2Co: 11:3: But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

So, the real Serpent was mind as you can see it is clearly written here.

Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.

Be blessed.