Conversation with an individual about outfit

Couple of days ago, I received a call from someone, this person was so much confused and asked me a very tricky question about the way of dressing of woman. I asked this person why he was asking this person, then he said, he is interest to know. so I said, lets first talk about man’s clothing, he said okay.
I started saying that everyone looks outside and ponder inside. so we all are affected by the outside world but its wrong, it must be inside out not outside in. He said please elaborate. So I continue speaking. I said, if we talk about the way of dressing of man, mostly male have different hairstyle, different cloths etc, but when women look at them, don’t they want those males who are more attractive. They want because its human desire. thats why girls follow male actors or hero. The same happens with woman or female who wear fashionable dress. etc. Then males look at them and start thinking to want them.
The problem is not the cloths or makes or hairstyles, the problem is mind which tricks people. Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden but they did not think wrong because they were clothes in their minds then a third person ( different prospective) came and they started looking at each other with different way. People are naturally clothed but the problem is that in mind they are not. so they put on more cloths to hide their nakedness. When we read the message said to the Angel of the Church of Laudician, It says.
I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
Re:3:16: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Re:3:17: Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.
They are Naked ( in their Mind) not physically. So start mending the thoughts rather than flesh ways, What if woman or man start wearing burkhas would not still there be desire, there is always a desire but just need to overcome that by CHRIST.
Be blessed.

Resolution: a priority based things


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We have entered into a new year and many have their resolutions for this year, some people are very much serious about their new promises that they dare to make with themselves and keep in this year. On the contrary, there are ample of folks whose feelings are like soda water pressure, it comes very fast but then disappears immediately.
While searching for something on internet, my attention was caught by a wallpaper which stated ” Beginning is always hardest”. This quote occupied most of my attention, I could not concentrate on my work, as it was like Universe telling me to share something from my fountain with you all as you all do the same with me. So, this must be a sweet water rather than bitter.
We all have our own battles, weaknesses, strengths, dreams, ambitions, needs, wants and ways to work with them. But have you ever tried something which can break your comfort zone and rapture you from your current state and place you somewhere better, where you never imagined to be. I must tell you it is the time for leaving comfort zone and make a new path, choose a new journey and achieve something which you have been longing since your maturity.
Make a resolution and priorities it immediately, plan to achieve it in this year. Remember your own made ideas will pop up and scare you that you would fail as you always do but face this thought and yell at it, I am winner but was sleeping now I am awake and gonna do it because The greatest force of the universe is in me. Whenever any thought try to rob your positivity or strength stand firm and shout I am winner just getting ready to achieve what is meant for me.
I hope this short note will help you to lift up your spirit.
Be blessed

Good & Evil: Battle Continue

Good and Evil.jpg

Since the eating of the fruit of good and evil, humans have been struggling to make a balance between the both (good & evil). Some invented their own ways through worshipping their fear, some tried to face  and kill it but none is working because it’s something which cannot be fixed by the same mind that created it. (as stated by Albert Einstein).

What if I tell you, this story that we are fed by religion, invented to make children easily understand what happened in beginning!

What if I tell you there never was any serpent in the garden what used as a metaphor to help the babies to comprehend the happening!

Now you blood start boiling and your heart started beating faster than a minute ago because you heard something which is not as per your church doctrine or prophet’s doctrine.

Please keep on watching, I don’t have a single intention to degrade anyone or anyone’s teaching, keep on reading till the end and decide by yourself.

God is Spirit (spirit does not have any bone & flesh: Luke 24:39 KJV). When God created Adam and Eve. Did He created the fleshy Adam & Eve or He created THEM as Spirit.

If God is Spirit then He created Adam and Eve in His image, which is Spirit it means God is both Male and female at the same time (as the spirit does not have any gender). So, He created One spirit which is both Male and Female and this spirit is the image of God.

Now, God wanted to continue the process So he found a simple way through the education and maturity be taught to Generation of God. As we all are called Children of God so if our father is God then we are then (Psalm 82, John 10:34).

So, He put this Image of Himself into a dusty body for. When this image was put into the then the darkness was formed because the Spirit never saw darkness before and as it got company of Darkness then it started scares Him, the other side effect was on dust, it turned into something else, from dust to Flesh, metaphorically we can see, if we can take sand and mix water into it then it got wet which is used to build the houses in old times but now that same process got one more element added that’s heat now after it encounters with heat its colour is changed and it turned into something else, it no longer be a dust but something else that same happened with Dusty body, when the heat of Spirit got into it then it turned into a fleshy body.

Then after having known to all senses the Spirit started feeling lonely because none was there to understand Him. So, God directed the animals toward Adam and he called them by the titles and it became their name. So, God took a great decision He did split the identity into two as Adam and Eve who were the one but split into two. Now, Adam found Eve because he knew how she was created, as When God made Adam sleep (he took out the spirit from a body and then split spirit into two also the body of was created, then the split parts were made entered into the two different bodies).

When the two different bodies saw each other they realize, they were similar though they could not see the spirit inside of each of them because something was hindering their sight, it was the veil of flesh but they knew, there was something that was attracting them toward each other.

So, one day, their struggle of what to listen and what not to listen began.

The flesh which got the sense that when the spirit was in the body then it felt alive but when spirit was out of body then it was dead (as it was happened when Adam was made to sleep for taking the Eve out). So, the flesh started speaking so the Spirit.

Now the real tree of Good and Evil was the body of Flesh which as the
fruit of good (separate) and Evil(Separate).

Good things are said by Spirit. Evil things are said by Flesh.

As Paul said, to be Carnally minded is death but to be spiritually Minded
is Life and Peace.

So, one day, the flesh found a way to beguild the eve, it started feeding the Eve to attract Adam to eat the fruit of flesh (paying heed to the thoughts or needs of Flesh).

Eve did and shared her experience with Adam and they both started doing so and one day Eve got pregnant and God said, I told you not to eat from the flesh but Eve said, the serpent said (the flesh spoke to her), then God said to Flesh, you did it, now the whole days of your life (as much time as you accompany the Spirit), you will go through your belly, now every flesh got appetite, which cannot be ignored it is so much powerful that it can take away the sexual desire also, it was a curse to avoid the sexual desire.

Now the Eve got the curse and Adam also. As you know the rest of the story. it goes.

The 2000 year ago, when Paul was given this revelation, under the guidance of Spirit, he wrote.

2Co: 11:3: But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

So, the real Serpent was mind as you can see it is clearly written here.

Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.

Be blessed.

Religion VS Atheists


The religion is a word given to the set of dogmas which should be practiced for the continual slavery. It takes away the power of judging of a common man from right to wrong. When one dogma fails then another takes birth because there are always people who are so much trapped by their tinny imaginative minds that there should be something else. Though they have experienced the reality of Creator by feeling his presence in the soul when they cheer with their family or friends. But due to lack of proper understanding they prefer to be slave. I met a person around seven years ago, he was a professor in a reputed college, He had a PhD when I got a chance to discuss with him about the Creator, he said, it’s false philosophy, as every fanatics would react by saying he did not have knowledge etc. I could think that too but instead of that I started observing his life. What I found made me stunned. I found, he was very responsible. He took care of His old parents, support his children and never argue with his wife. I got inquiry about him from his Neighbor and colleagues. They all praised him.

After this incident, I realized, it is better to be atheist with a good heart than a theist with bad because the life of religious people which I observed 99% don’t care their parents, friends and children. Some of them give more importance to their families than other. I know many of you says, it’s not 100%, I know it is not but majority of cases are found as we discussed. Let us take responsibility of loving our families and parents, friends.

This message is not to degrade any religious person or promote atheists but it’s an eye opener for those who practice religion but ignore social responsibility.

Our moral, our religion is Humanity. Spreading Love, hope, passion for living.

Non-Constant (Continue Evolution)


Nothing is constant in this world, everything is evolving when you pay heed toward it or not. When a religious person claims truth from an old book and says, its the truth, it might be accepted by Children but those who are Masters they knows the teacher needs someone who can upgrade his Knowledge or Revelation. This someone can not be man, no man every ascended unto heaven but the one who came down “The Christ”. This Man The Christ, a Male Spirit, Start Teaching his bride at His home, the one who tried to speak in Church and wants the answer from the virgins who did not have oil because they were living in darkness but With the power of the oil that gives strength to the flame to stay burn can fill every cell of the body to be filled with light and become the Light. This is how the Children of Lights are formed or takes Birth. Though they are already here and was and will be but it takes time to realization therefore there are many signs in the Universe where starts are fallen, planets are collapsed and Meteors are destroying the planets. If Children would not prefer to grow, the light comes as thief and burns everything because there is set of rules for the energy to pass through the times and transcends through the Dimensions. Let it pass through your own made creation if your creation can suffer the presence of this Energy( Christ) then you are good servant if not then you are about to be robbed and turned into a dry planet which can only be the dwelling place of fallen angels( Dry or evil Thoughts).

A message from Universe to Its Generation

Minding Own Business

New Post edited.

It has been a long time, I made a post, today when I was coming to my office then a strange thing happened and I was given  a wonderful thought to share with you by The Universe.


I was coming to office via my vehicle, on the way, I saw an old couple was on a bike and stopped on the way, I was looking at them and finding via my investigative sight; what were they doing? then suddenly, I realized, I was about to hit a tree though it was about ten feet away but I managed to veer my way then at that very moment, I was told by universe through putting a thought into my heart about the thinking pattern of contemporary human beings.

Look today’s people who are full of burden and have forgotten the way to smile and enjoy life, they are like a robot which is programmed to do a certain kind of activity. During my lifetime, I have observed many humans life silently and what I found is 80% of modern folks are not satisfied with their life, it is not due to lack of resurces or comfort but through comparison and continue puting nose into the matter of others (as I was doing at that time) These humans complain by saying, I have been doing this for a long time but yet here I am unsatisfied, look at Mr. A he/she is less intelligent than me but still happy, how does he/she do it. I have seen her/him since my childhood, she is lesser than me in everything but she still manage to earn a great sum of money, how does he/she do it.

Like these types of thoughts we often make to listen by our colleagues, friends, society people and so. You know what their problem is, they don’t know what exactly their problem is ( as stated by my Management Professor Mr. GKS Sidhu).

Let me put it through an example here, there are three people who are well-trained and experienced in their field but each one of them have their different trials and ways. Mr. 1 is walking on a thorny road but he knows how to walk thats why none of thorn ever pierced his foot. Secondly, Mr.2 he is walking on thin road where there is only a space for a pace but he has been walking on it throughout his life till now, the interesting thing is he also never feel afraid to take a pace because he knows how to place a feet on the exact space. Lastly, Mr.3 who is walking on a way that is full of ups and downs but he is managed to walk as well. if anyone of them stop looking on their way but start gazing on others and say, “oh how can Mr. 2 or 3 walk well as I am slowly walking”. He might lose his way and fell down and may being late for his destination. But the simpliest way is to mind his own business and walk on his way, but he can do is encourage and pass a smile even compliments instead of being jealous. This is right way to live happily.

Likewise, If people would start minding their own business and stop interfering into the lives of each others and stop judging each other via their success, look, way of talking etc, they can walk rapidly and even more conscious on their way and reach their destination at an appointed time. But if they stop walking and start observing others or keep on walking by looking at others, they would definitely feel down or slow down their speed of walking. They must start minding their own business.

Something to Learn.

If Peter ( a bible character; one of the apostles of Jesus The Christ out of twelve) kept on walking on water without looking around, he would be the example of great believer today but he fell down because he looked around and took away his eyes from  his master (destination) and placed them on the surrounding and fell down.


The Spirit: my word will stand

UntitledHeaven and Earth may pass away but my Word will stand( will not disappear).

Have you every given a thought what words He was talking about. The same bible which you read, says. My Words are spirit and life, spirit does not has bone and flesh and everything whatever you see, it will pass but my word ” THE SPIRIT” will always be here. This earth or we may say, this first and second dimension was created to mature the spirit so that they can recognize who they really are and can enter into the bodies which were prepared for them before the beginning of time. It only takes the realization who you really are.

Now, stop thinking that I am offending your conscious, it is you who think I am offending but in actual you are trapped by your self made religion. Which may seem right to you now because you have never tested your own faith. When you destroy the box in which you have been keeping yourself for so long( your own flesh). You will realize, you were missing what was always before you.
Now its time to take your responsibility and test your own faith.
Your own made life is what leading you to live in the pit of hell, which you have been experiencing since your birth, now it is time for you to lose yourself and start living. Don’t give the hell attention to the thought that are tormenting you day and night, because it is you who let those demons enslave you but in actual you are the ones who created those demons, now take the sword of the king and slay those who ruler of darkness( foolish thought)
whoever wants to save their life will lose and whoever lose it will live forever.
Be Blessed.