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Resolution: a priority based things


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We have entered into a new year and many have their resolutions for this year, some people are very much serious about their new promises that they dare to make with themselves and keep in this year. On the contrary, there are ample of folks whose feelings are like soda water pressure, it comes very fast but then disappears immediately.
While searching for something on internet, my attention was caught by a wallpaper which stated ” Beginning is always hardest”. This quote occupied most of my attention, I could not concentrate on my work, as it was like Universe telling me to share something from my fountain with you all as you all do the same with me. So, this must be a sweet water rather than bitter.
We all have our own battles, weaknesses, strengths, dreams, ambitions, needs, wants and ways to work with them. But have you ever tried something which can break your comfort zone and rapture you from your current state and place you somewhere better, where you never imagined to be. I must tell you it is the time for leaving comfort zone and make a new path, choose a new journey and achieve something which you have been longing since your maturity.
Make a resolution and priorities it immediately, plan to achieve it in this year. Remember your own made ideas will pop up and scare you that you would fail as you always do but face this thought and yell at it, I am winner but was sleeping now I am awake and gonna do it because The greatest force of the universe is in me. Whenever any thought try to rob your positivity or strength stand firm and shout I am winner just getting ready to achieve what is meant for me.
I hope this short note will help you to lift up your spirit.
Be blessed

Minding Own Business

New Post edited.

It has been a long time, I made a post, today when I was coming to my office then a strange thing happened and I was given  a wonderful thought to share with you by The Universe.


I was coming to office via my vehicle, on the way, I saw an old couple was on a bike and stopped on the way, I was looking at them and finding via my investigative sight; what were they doing? then suddenly, I realized, I was about to hit a tree though it was about ten feet away but I managed to veer my way then at that very moment, I was told by universe through putting a thought into my heart about the thinking pattern of contemporary human beings.

Look today’s people who are full of burden and have forgotten the way to smile and enjoy life, they are like a robot which is programmed to do a certain kind of activity. During my lifetime, I have observed many humans life silently and what I found is 80% of modern folks are not satisfied with their life, it is not due to lack of resurces or comfort but through comparison and continue puting nose into the matter of others (as I was doing at that time) These humans complain by saying, I have been doing this for a long time but yet here I am unsatisfied, look at Mr. A he/she is less intelligent than me but still happy, how does he/she do it. I have seen her/him since my childhood, she is lesser than me in everything but she still manage to earn a great sum of money, how does he/she do it.

Like these types of thoughts we often make to listen by our colleagues, friends, society people and so. You know what their problem is, they don’t know what exactly their problem is ( as stated by my Management Professor Mr. GKS Sidhu).

Let me put it through an example here, there are three people who are well-trained and experienced in their field but each one of them have their different trials and ways. Mr. 1 is walking on a thorny road but he knows how to walk thats why none of thorn ever pierced his foot. Secondly, Mr.2 he is walking on thin road where there is only a space for a pace but he has been walking on it throughout his life till now, the interesting thing is he also never feel afraid to take a pace because he knows how to place a feet on the exact space. Lastly, Mr.3 who is walking on a way that is full of ups and downs but he is managed to walk as well. if anyone of them stop looking on their way but start gazing on others and say, “oh how can Mr. 2 or 3 walk well as I am slowly walking”. He might lose his way and fell down and may being late for his destination. But the simpliest way is to mind his own business and walk on his way, but he can do is encourage and pass a smile even compliments instead of being jealous. This is right way to live happily.

Likewise, If people would start minding their own business and stop interfering into the lives of each others and stop judging each other via their success, look, way of talking etc, they can walk rapidly and even more conscious on their way and reach their destination at an appointed time. But if they stop walking and start observing others or keep on walking by looking at others, they would definitely feel down or slow down their speed of walking. They must start minding their own business.

Something to Learn.

If Peter ( a bible character; one of the apostles of Jesus The Christ out of twelve) kept on walking on water without looking around, he would be the example of great believer today but he fell down because he looked around and took away his eyes from  his master (destination) and placed them on the surrounding and fell down.