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The Spirit: my word will stand

UntitledHeaven and Earth may pass away but my Word will stand( will not disappear).

Have you every given a thought what words He was talking about. The same bible which you read, says. My Words are spirit and life, spirit does not has bone and flesh and everything whatever you see, it will pass but my word ” THE SPIRIT” will always be here. This earth or we may say, this first and second dimension was created to mature the spirit so that they can recognize who they really are and can enter into the bodies which were prepared for them before the beginning of time. It only takes the realization who you really are.

Now, stop thinking that I am offending your conscious, it is you who think I am offending but in actual you are trapped by your self made religion. Which may seem right to you now because you have never tested your own faith. When you destroy the box in which you have been keeping yourself for so long( your own flesh). You will realize, you were missing what was always before you.
Now its time to take your responsibility and test your own faith.
Your own made life is what leading you to live in the pit of hell, which you have been experiencing since your birth, now it is time for you to lose yourself and start living. Don’t give the hell attention to the thought that are tormenting you day and night, because it is you who let those demons enslave you but in actual you are the ones who created those demons, now take the sword of the king and slay those who ruler of darkness( foolish thought)
whoever wants to save their life will lose and whoever lose it will live forever.
Be Blessed.