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Reasons Behind Suffering


The flesh got conscious when  “quickening spirit” or a particle of conscious poured into it, without this quickening, flesh is just a bundle of skin, which is nothing except dirt. But it has known its vulnerability, therefore it never let the heart rule over the body, it wants only brain/carnal mind/ childish mind/worldly mindset control over the whole body.

In the beginning, it was not so, therefore old civilizations were so advanced in spirituality because their body ruled by the spirit or a particle of great conscious which directly link with Creator but as time passed by, the flesh started realizing its limitations so it started passing its conscious through body as spirit does, it started imitating functioning style, it has succeeded in doing so but it can not replace the very electricity or charge or Breath of Life that has been keeping it alive, although it has tried its best to create something with similar functionality, therefore, we have a story of Frankenstein a person with no Soul who was created from the dead pieces of buried people.

Nowadays, Carnality (worldly or non-spiritual) has spread as much that people don’t even believe they have a spirit inside their cocoon which is keeping them alive, moreover, they also deny that they are Spiritual beings instead they have accepted that they are Fleshy beings and belong here. Now you can imagine, how vast the lie has spread and changed the perception of people. But there are still some awaken people who can look beyond this lie, the veil of flesh and are realising the TRUTH and offering help to others so that those who are living in darkness can see the light and come out of hell and start living in Heaven.

When people start realising their real identity, they often begin it by imitating others or copy others ways but never try to look for their own paths. When they are asked, why do they do it? the majority of folks reply, others are doing so they follow them or they all reply, in the same way, how would they suppose to know their way? I must tell you, that’s the beauty of Spirituality, it has no way, there is no way, the courses are for flesh/carnal but for Spirituality there is no way, if there would be, flesh would have found it and started imitating it, this is the only thing which has been keeping the flesh away from being Spirit because it does not understand, how does it happen?, it’s beyond the qualification of flesh or we may say, beyond its limits or power of comprehension.

If you are seeking comfort and joy, just free from each kind of weight such as hate, envy, pride, knowledge etc, these all things are of flesh, these are understood by Sense although Spirit has no sense yet it understands everything, your tiny mind might raise the question, how does it possible, It just does, you have to believe it.

The first step toward spirituality is to deny that you know something when you go on the pathless path, you must deny you don’t know anything, just listen don’t say anything. If you say, means you think, you figure it out or trying to do so but if you have known something then you must be calm instead that knowledge robbed you and left you to suffer. So, now you must accept, you don’t know anything, knowing nothing helps a person to have strong faith than those who think they know.  

When an individual starts accepting things rather than questioning, he starts realising, the simplicity of Spirituality, and imposed complex ways of the flesh. For example, in flesh ways, there is no solid reason given to forgive your enemy and pray for him, it just seems nonsense to people, but in a spiritual way, there is an answer which is to forgive others or pray for others is doing for yourself. As in the beginning of this post I wrote, A particle of Great conscious means there are other particles, we are scattered into pieces in this world when we join together we become strong and achieve the unlimited.

War always begins with the desires of the flesh, Spirit never ignites a war, it always starts with greed or envy, which are the characteristics of flesh not of Spirit. So, for those who are seeking ways to be free, you must accept, you don’t know anything, deny yourself and follow Christ  ( a great Spirit/A new Mindset/Holy Ghost).

Ph’p:2:5: Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus


True Identity of Struggle in Modern Life

Battle won for blog

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find someone struggling in their lives because materialism has stolen the feeling of happiness from the heart of human being and replaced it with the perishable things. Undoubtedly, it seems right or normal when we look at these battles of the different individuals but somewhere we seek the answer:

Why is someone so much crazy about something?

Why cannot they accept the reality that they must move on instead of ruining everything for just a thing, that is not happening now?

Stubborn nature of flesh never let carnal mind( human mind/normal mind/thinking) to hand over the matter to SPIRIT MIND( Reality Mind/God mind/Holy Ghost). Those who are going through hard times or are not happy because they can not achieve what really they want and seeking the reason behind not happening the things as they desire, must accept the reality and move on. I know, it’s the hardest thing to do but sometimes, it’s better to live life than living in mourning of one or more unsuccessful attempts. Those who have been living in sorrow just because of nothing working out must not ignore reality, for such people Jesus rightly said,

Lu:12:25: And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?

Lu:12:26: If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?

First of all you must understand YOU (man with flesh mind) can not control anything, but if you have right mind SPIRIT MIND you can create the things, yes you read it rightly, CREATE THE THINGS, its reality, those who choose to be happy brings more happiness in their lives, those whose prayers are answered they do it with SPIRIT MIND.

One way to understand SPIRIT MIND is this.

M’r:11:24: Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

If you want something, Pray and believe you got it and you shall have it. During this process, your carnal mind/normal reasoning mind would say to you, oh its lie, how can it happened?, you are educated being, you must be rational? You should not follow what is written in other religious book or if this is so easy why can not everyone do it? I must say, don’t listen to these thoughts just focus on what you prayed and you will have it.

Words about Struggling why does it happen?

For mediocre, Life is a struggle and it must be taken as a struggle but truth is, it is not a struggle it’s a way to experience the ecstasy and gain the feeling of being with most high ( GOD) and live without fear and hate. Many would argue it’s not so, it can not be, my religion, pastor, guru, parents, society have been teaching life is struggle, end of discussion, such types of thoughts are the ones which caused a beginning of struggle in your life because you have been fighting an unknown ( thoughts or creeds) thoughts of someone or ideas about life of someone and try to cope with it but it is different for everyone as they are born with uniqueness, no two people face are same neither their finger print, how can their struggle be the same but society impose this idea that it is.

Struggle/Battle/War happens because of the clashing of TRUTH and LIE, REALITY and IMAGINATION, ANGELS AND DEMONS, GOD AND DEVIL, I could go on by writing many more names that are given to this wrestling. But in actual, it’s clashing of thoughts.

Two minds are clashing for taking over the Body for coming into this visible/seen world.

Carnal Mind:

Basic mind, which takes care of all necessary things for surviving like eating, breathing etc basically its key role is to make the flesh survive as long as it can, it stops the body from doing anything which leads to death or end of the body. ( John 6:63) Flesh only does the things which profit it like eating different variety food, wearing new clothes so that It could look good etc. It always neglects the things which are of Spirit, it has become so powerful now that it has taken-over the spirit signals of Heart and have taught the society to follow Mind rather Heart.  The main characteristics of this mindset are pretence /show off, hate, jealousy, envy, anger etc. When do you feel any of it then understand you are under the supervision of CARNAL MIND.

Spirit Mind:

This mind or pattern of thoughts is of positivity, it helps you to be happy and forgive people even it leads you to accept the reality and go on because if something really meant for you eventually it would find its way to you. Its characteristics are Love, Happiness, Patience, Honesty etc. 

To put this struggle in simple words, We all know that we have Spirit which is caged in this flesh, so flesh want to keep spirit in the cage forever but spirit seeks to free so they struggle and convince the being to do its will like loving those who hate is the quality of SPIRIT but hating someone is the quality of Flesh. So the real struggle is not about the material or anything else, it’s about taking over your body control by convincing you to follow the commandments now it totally depends upon you who to follow SPIRIT MIND or FLESH MIND.