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Joh:1:18: No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

No man ever saw God any time, then how can they understand God or recognize God, when they never meet Him :).

When People saw Jesus, (He was God manifested in flesh, 1 Timothy 3:16) When People saw Him (Jesus), they did not recognize God, because they did not see God at anytime.

To recognize God we have to understand Him (His qualities, His Nature).

What thing makes God a God, man a man or beast a beast?

That is their nature that make them what they are.

Before going ahead we first see from Bible what is the identity of God i.e what God is/ who God is?

Joh:4:24: God is a Spirit:

Word of God says, “God is a spirit”. Now, what thing make spirit a spirit i.e what types of qualities a spirit has, that we can call this is a Spirit.

“Lu:24:39b: for a spirit hath not flesh and bones.”

Here is clearly written, A spirit does not has any flesh and Bone 🙂

So if spirit does not has any flesh and bone, then how can people see it because without flesh and bone, people can not see anything. So God created a divine plan for this great purpose TO MAKE HIMSELF KNOWN.

Now for being known to God, there must be something/someone who can introduce us to God.

Col:1:15: Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:

Re:3:14b: the beginning of the creation of God;

As word of God says, there is image of God. ( the seen image of invisible)

Jesus Christ is the seen image of Invisible God. After resurrection Jesus appeared to His disciple and Said, see me I have flesh and bone because Spirit does not has flesh and bone. Because Jesus is the image of Invisible God,  Therefore He was saying, see His flesh and Bone, He is the image of God. ( image of God).

When Jesus was on earth( in earthly body), He was healing people. One time a paralyzed person brought to HIM, Jesus said, Your sins are forgiven, and the Pharisees said, oh this is blaspheming, because Only God can forgive sins, after Forgiving the sins of that man, those people saw, that the wrath of God was turned away from that man, because he got healing. The wrath of God is always on the sinner. Jesus said, this is because you know son of man has the power to forgive sins. And those people knew that only God can forgive sins.

Jesus was God manifested in flesh and showing it by His works that Who He was.

When People asked, tell us who really you are, Jesus said, I have said, and you did not believe see my works and know who I am.

He is the beginning of creation of God and End of the Creation of God, Because in the Beginning he created the Head and in the End He finished the whole perfect man posture. ( bone of His Bone Flesh).( Creation of the image of God)

We all who claim to be His Bride (His flesh and bone), we have to act like God, none can do it with their own mind( flesh mind/reasoning mind), there has to be His direct control to do so. We call this direct control Mind of Christ ( Holy Spirit).

After Jesus, Here we are His image, we are His Children, we are His Image on earth representing Him to Humanity.

Everyone that is of the TRUTH Hears my voice.