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My peace I give unto you


Joh:14:27: Peace I leave with you,

my peace

I give unto you:

not as

the world giveth,

give I unto you.

Let not your heart be troubled,

neither let it be afraid.


You read the words that are life and spirit spoken by Lord Jesus here, He said, I give you PEACE, my way of giving it not as the same as world gives, but I give it you in other way.

Did you ever think, how world gives peace and what are worlds ways of giving peace?

How does someone know they have gotten peace?

How can they differentiate they have the different peace than world has or offers ?

If the peace that world gives is enough then JESUS did not need to say this I give you peace. It means there is something wrong with the peace that world offers, the peace that world gives, it is not permanent that is for a short period of time, as day comes after night and then again day comes.

But the peace that Lord gives is eternal, because the way it is given is different.

Now let us remind ourselves a story of Adam and Eve.

As long as they were one there is not any division or sin, but when they were made twain then they were fallen, what happened now?

When one was separated from other then the peace GONE.

The fight, the blame, the sin came in between, even enmity came. So people of world try to get that peace which only can be possible through the union of twain into one, they try to do it with their own way, they get drunk, they do more marriage, they worship beasts, they follow people, they do whatever they think can make them please or provide them peace, but these things cannot do it because it is not the right way of doing so.

Let us see something about the world.

How does it give peace? (World)

When someone thinks they are tired then what they do? They get sleep and tiredness gone, when someone finds himself in an un-peaceful environment (full of stress/tension) he/she uses drink, and do other stuffs. They think, it can help them to reduce their tension or they can get some peace, but it only kills their brain that stopped for working for a short period of time( in other words they try to divert their mind).

Look on the world you can ask a simple question to someone, if they are doing so even ask it to yourself, if you are living in rent house, you always think to have your own and you think when I will get my own house,  then I can live peaceful, now look on the people who have their own house do they really feeling peace?

Someone said, when I will be famous then I can live happily (peaceful).

Look on celebrities, they all are corrupted and they use intoxication and most of them commit suicides or try to do it.

Do you really think this is peace or they were in mistake?

In recent years there were survey that done in America on the adult people, they found all their youth they were seeking the things they thought that can give them peace but when they get all of them they realize these things cannot give them PEACE.

If these things cannot peace then how can someone get it.


Before going ahead, we need to know we all are not in peace?

Remember when God took the rib out of man then they became twain and then the peace gone, we all need to get our other part from God. Because we are connected with his (spirit) and we always listen spirit and our self too, we argue with ourselves, this is the enmity that is inside us. This is the enmity that kills our peace, and when we fail to understand it then we start to be in stress, worry etc. (Carnal Mind is Enmity against God)  

They listen the two minds and where there are two minds then they are always have their own opinion and own ways of perceiving things, and each of them thought they are right, and try to dominate each other. This is how the peace disappeared.

If this is so then how we can get the peace?

How we can find ourselves in peaceful environment?

Now look on the words of Lord Jesus Christ here.

John:16:33: These things I have spoken unto you,

That in me ye might have peace. (Only in me you can find peace)

In the world ye shall have tribulation: (World cannot give you true)

But be of good cheer; (Now it is time to be happy)

I have overcome the world. (Greater is he who is inside us)

Now if you want to have peace you have to be in him, a question might arise in your mind, how can someone be in him or some religious mind people may thought, oh it is to be Christian.

But please stop your mind and continue to read, you gonna get something very special here and it will give you peace 

As Lord said, I give you PEACE not as the world gives, now He is saying you can only find peace in me (resting in me).

HE GIVES HIS PEACE THROUGH HIS MIND. (Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit/Mind of Christ)

When there are two minds there is un-peace (twain), when they become one they find peace. There are two minds one is spirit mind (Holy Spirit) other is Carnal Mind (the flesh mind/the five senses mind). (to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace )

No one is agree with each other, one has to die/taken out so that other can live, He first gives you out of His Spirit and then you start to get the peace in your heart  and then gradually the mind of flesh started to gone and being submitted to the Spirit Mind.

Now talk about some Spiritual Depth.

He said, you can only find peace in me, He is the head of the Body and if you are the part of His body then you have to united with him there are many bodies but the Body of Christ is one. They all have one mind and one spirit. He removes this enmity on in His Body not of the body of others (of beast).

Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace. And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby. (Eph:2: 15-16)

He only reconcile the twain in one body so that the peace can be found ( in His own boy/the particular) then would not  be any enmity, if there is not any enmity then there is Peace. 

This is how He gives peace, He first let His mind formed in you (Christ forms in you) then you become part of His Body and you never face any enmity. This is happened only in His Body (a particular Body).


Refference: Blog of Melody Allen, King James Version Bible, Paragonia.

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