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Religion VS Atheists


The religion is a word given to the set of dogmas which should be practiced for the continual slavery. It takes away the power of judging of a common man from right to wrong. When one dogma fails then another takes birth because there are always people who are so much trapped by their tinny imaginative minds that there should be something else. Though they have experienced the reality of Creator by feeling his presence in the soul when they cheer with their family or friends. But due to lack of proper understanding they prefer to be slave. I met a person around seven years ago, he was a professor in a reputed college, He had a PhD when I got a chance to discuss with him about the Creator, he said, it’s false philosophy, as every fanatics would react by saying he did not have knowledge etc. I could think that too but instead of that I started observing his life. What I found made me stunned. I found, he was very responsible. He took care of His old parents, support his children and never argue with his wife. I got inquiry about him from his Neighbor and colleagues. They all praised him.

After this incident, I realized, it is better to be atheist with a good heart than a theist with bad because the life of religious people which I observed 99% don’t care their parents, friends and children. Some of them give more importance to their families than other. I know many of you says, it’s not 100%, I know it is not but majority of cases are found as we discussed. Let us take responsibility of loving our families and parents, friends.

This message is not to degrade any religious person or promote atheists but it’s an eye opener for those who practice religion but ignore social responsibility.

Our moral, our religion is Humanity. Spreading Love, hope, passion for living.


Non-Constant (Continue Evolution)


Nothing is constant in this world, everything is evolving when you pay heed toward it or not. When a religious person claims truth from an old book and says, its the truth, it might be accepted by Children but those who are Masters they knows the teacher needs someone who can upgrade his Knowledge or Revelation. This someone can not be man, no man every ascended unto heaven but the one who came down “The Christ”. This Man The Christ, a Male Spirit, Start Teaching his bride at His home, the one who tried to speak in Church and wants the answer from the virgins who did not have oil because they were living in darkness but With the power of the oil that gives strength to the flame to stay burn can fill every cell of the body to be filled with light and become the Light. This is how the Children of Lights are formed or takes Birth. Though they are already here and was and will be but it takes time to realization therefore there are many signs in the Universe where starts are fallen, planets are collapsed and Meteors are destroying the planets. If Children would not prefer to grow, the light comes as thief and burns everything because there is set of rules for the energy to pass through the times and transcends through the Dimensions. Let it pass through your own made creation if your creation can suffer the presence of this Energy( Christ) then you are good servant if not then you are about to be robbed and turned into a dry planet which can only be the dwelling place of fallen angels( Dry or evil Thoughts).

A message from Universe to Its Generation