Good & Evil: Battle Continue

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Since the eating of the fruit of good and evil, humans have been struggling to make a balance between the both (good & evil). Some invented their own ways through worshipping their fear, some tried to face  and kill it but none is working because it’s something which cannot be fixed by the same mind that created it. (as stated by Albert Einstein).

What if I tell you, this story that we are fed by religion, invented to make children easily understand what happened in beginning!

What if I tell you there never was any serpent in the garden what used as a metaphor to help the babies to comprehend the happening!

Now you blood start boiling and your heart started beating faster than a minute ago because you heard something which is not as per your church doctrine or prophet’s doctrine.

Please keep on watching, I don’t have a single intention to degrade anyone or anyone’s teaching, keep on reading till the end and decide by yourself.

God is Spirit (spirit does not have any bone & flesh: Luke 24:39 KJV). When God created Adam and Eve. Did He created the fleshy Adam & Eve or He created THEM as Spirit.

If God is Spirit then He created Adam and Eve in His image, which is Spirit it means God is both Male and female at the same time (as the spirit does not have any gender). So, He created One spirit which is both Male and Female and this spirit is the image of God.

Now, God wanted to continue the process So he found a simple way through the education and maturity be taught to Generation of God. As we all are called Children of God so if our father is God then we are then (Psalm 82, John 10:34).

So, He put this Image of Himself into a dusty body for. When this image was put into the then the darkness was formed because the Spirit never saw darkness before and as it got company of Darkness then it started scares Him, the other side effect was on dust, it turned into something else, from dust to Flesh, metaphorically we can see, if we can take sand and mix water into it then it got wet which is used to build the houses in old times but now that same process got one more element added that’s heat now after it encounters with heat its colour is changed and it turned into something else, it no longer be a dust but something else that same happened with Dusty body, when the heat of Spirit got into it then it turned into a fleshy body.

Then after having known to all senses the Spirit started feeling lonely because none was there to understand Him. So, God directed the animals toward Adam and he called them by the titles and it became their name. So, God took a great decision He did split the identity into two as Adam and Eve who were the one but split into two. Now, Adam found Eve because he knew how she was created, as When God made Adam sleep (he took out the spirit from a body and then split spirit into two also the body of was created, then the split parts were made entered into the two different bodies).

When the two different bodies saw each other they realize, they were similar though they could not see the spirit inside of each of them because something was hindering their sight, it was the veil of flesh but they knew, there was something that was attracting them toward each other.

So, one day, their struggle of what to listen and what not to listen began.

The flesh which got the sense that when the spirit was in the body then it felt alive but when spirit was out of body then it was dead (as it was happened when Adam was made to sleep for taking the Eve out). So, the flesh started speaking so the Spirit.

Now the real tree of Good and Evil was the body of Flesh which as the
fruit of good (separate) and Evil(Separate).

Good things are said by Spirit. Evil things are said by Flesh.

As Paul said, to be Carnally minded is death but to be spiritually Minded
is Life and Peace.

So, one day, the flesh found a way to beguild the eve, it started feeding the Eve to attract Adam to eat the fruit of flesh (paying heed to the thoughts or needs of Flesh).

Eve did and shared her experience with Adam and they both started doing so and one day Eve got pregnant and God said, I told you not to eat from the flesh but Eve said, the serpent said (the flesh spoke to her), then God said to Flesh, you did it, now the whole days of your life (as much time as you accompany the Spirit), you will go through your belly, now every flesh got appetite, which cannot be ignored it is so much powerful that it can take away the sexual desire also, it was a curse to avoid the sexual desire.

Now the Eve got the curse and Adam also. As you know the rest of the story. it goes.

The 2000 year ago, when Paul was given this revelation, under the guidance of Spirit, he wrote.

2Co: 11:3: But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

So, the real Serpent was mind as you can see it is clearly written here.

Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.

Be blessed.


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