The Time is Now

Ray of Hope

If you believe in darkness your faith is in vain, because only A SMALL RAY is enough to pierce the darkness likewise. If you are the follower of trinity that there are three person in God Head, then you don’t read bible by yourself, you simply been taught by others or get a degree from Bible College or inspired by some church leader to follow this dogma because that church leader perform some Miracle in the Name of Jesus Christ(Though It is Gods name which does these all miracles, not a person).

You are carnal/fleshy mind person, woe on you the inhabitants of earth, who live in flesh, because you ignore Light and live in darkness therefore you cannot see anything, therefore you are still believing that Lord Jesus Christ Will come on clouds and dead people would come out of tombs etc. but Lord said,

“Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: ” (John 11:25).

Woe on you who reject light, woe on you who follow the blind person and being blinded by closing your eyes deliberately.

The time is Now, the transforming is going on, Spirit is here, providing oils in vessels, New bottles are filling with Wine.

Resist the darkness and you would be light in darkness and  in wilderness, be the light for those who are seeking it. Be the fountain of the Water(Spirit). Let Lord Speaks through you because ye are the Temple of Living God and His words are Spirit and Life :).

God Bless Us Everyone.amen



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